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Thank you for your interest in my psychotherapy practice. Austin Family Wellness is dedicated to giving individuals affordable, effective, and compassionate care. Whether it is with a serious mental health issue such as, depression, anxiety, or bipolar, or difficulty letting go of an addiction, Austin Family Wellness is here to help you achieve positive personal growth.

For someone new to therapy it can be a confusing array of ‘psychobabble’ terms and scary thoughts that the therapist can read your mind or maybe even try to brainwash you! Let me simplify things. Psychotherapy is a process… a process of self-discovery - and it must be non-judgmental. At its best, it should relieve us of the painful feelings or suffering that are our symptoms. It should provide hope for a better and more contented life, and lessen feelings of guilt and shame. During therapy you will learn about your thoughts, feelings and moods, and gain insight (better awareness) of why you do what you do. Through the process of this therapy you will learn new healthy ways of coping, and stress management skills, and find better ways of relating to others.


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